About Us

We are Group of Traders with more than 15 years of experience in Trading FOREX/CFDs/Stocks. At our initial stage we suffer losses as like every Starter.We researched & Studied about the trading pattern finally developed a pattern that gives successfull result in trading regularly. We used this trading pattern for more than 7 years with profit regularly. So with that confident, we plan to market this trading patten as a Trading System, and we programmed the system that supports in MT4 platform (a well known platform 85% of traders using Globally), we simplified the system, so that every one can easily understand & follow the system easily and make profit. No any prior experience needed.

We are still researching and developing new trading systems for the changing market movements to assure consistent profit from trading for us and also to our Clients.

  • May-2009

    WinTrader V1.0 Trading System has been launched on May 2009.

  • Aug-2009

    WinTrader V2.0 Trading Systems has been launched on August 2009.

  • Mar-2010

    WinTrader V3.0 Trading System has been launched on March 2010.

  • Jun-2011

    WinTrader V4.0 Trading Systems has been launched on June 2011.

  • May-2012

    WinTrader V5.0 Trading System has been launched on May 2012.

  • Jun-2013

    WinTrader V6.0 Trading Systems has been launched on June 2013.

  • Aug-2015

    WinTrader V7.0 Trading Systems has been launched on 12th August 2015.

Installation Process

WinTrader Forex System Installation Procedure

Client's Feedback

  • Performance in Long Term Trading87%
  • Performance in Short Term Trading 92%
  • Performance in Day Trading 95%
  • Performance in Scalping 70%

WinTrader FOREX

WinTrader trading systems are configured and blended for FOREX trading. WinTrader FX acts a higly profitable FOREX Trading Systems in the Market, and its successfully using by FOREX Traders around the World with consistant profit. You can trade in any Major Currency Pair and in any time frame according to your trading style and make profit from FOREX trading, be a professional full time FOREX trader.

WinTrader Commodities

WinTrader FX trading systems support all major commodity markets in the World. Mainly WinTrader FX system successfully using by traders in COMEX, NYMEX, LME, MCX, NCDEX, etc. Only the thing you need is your MT4 platform have real time data from your selected commodity market.

WinTrader Stocks

WinTrader FX trading systems are successfully using in Share/Stock trading. That means with one software you can trade in all markets. You need only working MT4 platform real time data updation. WinTrader FX Trading Systems makes you a professional trader. Make Profit from trading continuously.


We have crossed "5000+" Customers from Around The World

We are proud to say that at the end of 2013, we have added our client data base to 5000. Our customers are spread around the World. We are committed to provide fast technical support to our Clients since we know the important of Time in Trading. Come and Join, be a part of professional traders.

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